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Horrendous Experience With Darkside Developments.

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#1 chris5150



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Posted 17 June 2017 - 11:58 PM

Hi All,


I wanted to share my experience with these rogue traders. Im not on the here that much due to moving on to the MK7 R.. But, i feel i need to let people know, as i know a lot of younger lads will use them, and dump a bucket of money with them. I probably won't be replying too, but if Ryan reads this, he knows its true ! I didn't make anything up ! 



Not the best experience, and i expected a lot more from these boys... Spent best part of £6k with these guys and car lasted four weeks. List of work carried out,
PD150 ARL Turbo kit GTB 2260,
80 percent injectors,
Darkside Fast Cam,
Darkside Hard Pipe Kit,
Darkside FMIC,
Loads of other bits and bats Air filter, cam trigger wheel they replaced so on..
Having paid a premium for these lads to work on my car i expected it to last a lot longer than four weeks. On collection i noticed the car would fire straight away and cut out. Over the next couple of weeks this problem got worse, especially from cold, it would fire, then cut out, then fire back up and it would run lumpy, and very laggy from cold. I sent a few emails on this issue to be fobbed off with "Its nature of running race injectors and a race cam" I would also notice the car would smoke on idle even when the engine was hot, it wasn't a smoke screen, but you could see it, Something else i mentioned. Fobbed off again.
As stated the car was very laggy from the bottom end, trying to pull out at roundabouts wasn't that clever. To me, it seemed to need more fuel chucking in, lower down. I asked if this could be done, or if the map could be altered, only to be met with the response of "we spend a lot of time mapping our cars" kinda attitude.Well they told me the mapper was off ill the week they had my car, so sounds like it was rushed out the day achieving a power figure below what they quoted.. whatever.. If you spent more than an hour in the car you would have a serious sore throat, something else i did not like, due to fumes. I would imagine this to be a natural problem with diesel tuned cars. In a nut shell there was nothing nice about the car at all.
They also fit my rear brakes for me two weeks later, and left the brake pedal so spongy it was unbelievable. There response to this was telling me to do a load of emergency stops, getting the ABS unit to kick in.. Surely you can bleed that with Vagcom, but what do i know. The brakes were never, as they were before the car went in.. I came out to the car one morning, turned the key, it fired, and died straight away, i started it again to be met with a grinding noise and that was it. I fired a video over to Darkside, and got one back saying it was my clutch ring gear, and also asked if id checked the battery cause the revs did not look to be getting high enough to fire.. oh, and heres a load of links to a new clutch, and we might as well put a diff in it, and they also informed me my gearbox was goosed too, even though the box had only done 80k. So i was looking at a bill of around 3K on top of what id already just paid, for a car that was already awful as a daily driver, and it wasn't right.
Even after all the problems id had with the car, which they created, leading up to this, they refused to take any responsibility it could be anything they'd done. They don't recover cars, even though they have a small flat back recovery truck they posted pictures of on Facebook, but they said they could get someone independent to recover it for £350 plus VAT or something silly. At this point id lost total faith in them, with customer service left a lot to be desired for. I left the car on the drive for two weeks and forgot about it. i was that angry with myself, for been fooled in to thinking they'd looked after me, and my car. In this two weeks i received no emails, or calls. I scanned the car to find a few fault codes one of them cam position sensor, (signal out of range) and manifold pressure sensor. Two mechanics came down to look at the car and told me the timing was shot, and it had slipped, and the belt was loose. Darkside must have had the belt off to do the cam, and the cam trigger wheel. I broke the car to recover a chunk of the money quickly, and bought a Golf R, best move i made. Seven weeks later Darkisde message me again to ask whats happening with car. SERIOUSLY ?? ...
Probably went a little quiet in the diary and wanted to prize some more money out of me.
After they found out id broken the car, they then offered to then recover it for FREE. Making out thats what they'd have done from the start, and it wouldn't have been chargeable. I don't think that was said at all. They just point blank refuse to take any responsibility, and diagnosing stuff from videos i sent them.. They don't give a toss. 
Don't fall in to the trap of the power figures they quote. My car made 272bhp with all the work.. If you want a fast car, just go buy one. The MK4 chassis is not that good.
Whatever you do, please don't waste your money with these people. 
If id have had a customer that spent that much with me, id have come out that day and collected his car. disgusting is all i can say. 
This really has bothered me since March. People need to know. They've removed my review from google too. They know they've taken the wee wee. Everything I've written is exactly how it happened ! Ive not made anything up. 

#2 brianpologti


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Posted 18 June 2017 - 07:40 AM

I be honest I guess this will get removed too,

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Posted 18 June 2017 - 09:04 AM

Sounds bad :(

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#4 kismet


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Posted 18 June 2017 - 03:02 PM

shocking fella , but thanks for putting this on people need to know

#5 Calico


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Posted 18 June 2017 - 07:09 PM

Why would you take your car back to have other work done if the car was not running right and they had not fixed the problems created on the first visit???

#6 Huw3750



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Posted 18 June 2017 - 07:16 PM

Won't be getting a cam kit from them then, cheers for the heads up,

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#7 Dan FR

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Posted 18 June 2017 - 07:38 PM

Certainly not the first and won't be the last.... Heard many a horror story that gets hushed away from social media..... Con artists sold me two shoddy turbos from the backstreet turbo shop round the corner from their old premises, denied all knowledge, blamed the car and did the minimum they could in terms of replacing the first, then after countless arguing and threats of small claims courts, they took the second back and refunded me the cost of it.....Would never recommend them to anyone


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Posted 18 June 2017 - 07:44 PM

Had a similar issue with some parts I ordered off them, ended up £60 out of pocket.

To be honest I think most if not all of their stuff is overpriced, and the customer service (or therefor lack of) is shocking. Again wouldn't recommend.

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Posted 18 June 2017 - 08:11 PM

All too often I'm hearing bad reports of their customer service plus I've always thought they were massively overpriced anyway.
There's no doubt they know their TDI onions but I can't say I'm ever likely to use their services...

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#10 adam-


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Posted 18 June 2017 - 08:43 PM

My AirLift/CAS one never got removed! :) 

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#11 chris5150



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Posted 19 June 2017 - 08:19 AM

To the chap that asked why I took the car back when it wasn't right for further things doing.

I'd reported everything, it had been back a few times. Down pipe was catching on heat shield and stuff. So they said they'd look at it well it was with them. When they did breaks they said they'd look at it again. I was fobbed off with its ok.

The breaks were left shocking ! My mate drove the car and he said it's laggy as hell, something was off. Only so much you can do pal. If you keep getting fobbed off, and taking a companies word everything is alright. They were not prepared to look at the map. They kept saying "we spend time mapping our cars." Also said they would turn the boost up, but at my cost. Which meant if it went bang, they take no responsibility if it goes wrong.. well I thought that's not worth the risk.. ridiculous. The car was awful as a daily driver. They said they'd also shimmed the gearbox, when I'd already had this done. My thoughts were why are you playing about looking at my clutch, and shimming stuff, when you wasn't fitting me a clutch..

When they were selling me the stuff they reply'd rapidly, I bought in to they were the best, the smoke problem came to light a week after.. it was almost like something was on the way out, after doing long runs, when hot it would smoke at traffic lights..

I've never spent that much money with a company to be left hung out to dry. I was lucky I managed to shift everything. It was a R32 replica. Spent an absolute fortune..

It's not something you'd expect to read with Darkside. Just have a bit of caution. If it's happened to me, probably happen again. I should have looked at my consumer rights..

#12 focusst


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Posted 19 June 2017 - 03:23 PM

Seems a shame with what's alleged to have happened.
I've always believed that asking for too much power from that 1.9 is asking for trouble, no matter who tunes it. These 1.9 pds work well with a relatively light remap, IC refresh and handling mods which are, as you know, limited with regards to how the chassis behaves towards understeer.
Sounds like anyway that it was poorly mapped and possible set up by relative novices (novices in the fact they don't know what/how to fix when the end result is completely messed up).

I'd say to anyone with a mk4 diesel.. if you are going to'map, keep it around 200bhp for longevity and with respect to the handling. Unless it's a completely transformed beast it isn't worth forcing approx 260bhp/400lbft plus through those front wheels. Plus, as you now know... the old gearbox is going to take a right beating from all that extra torque. It will most likely give up, from previous wear.
You have more fun in a 1.6 mx5 than wrestling wheelspin and dodging hedges in an overblown sootchucker with no LSD. You'd be relying almost completely on very good sticky tyres that would be worn out in a few months.
The best mk4 by a long way is the R32, you be better to shove money into one of those than blowing mega money on a 1-2k diesel.
Glad you are enjoying the Mk7 R... On the radar for one myself next year.

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