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Be excellent to each other.
In the wise words of Bill and Ted: Be Excellent to each other. Even if other people's choices aren't to your liking, everybody is entitled to have an opinion.

Keep it clean.
Bad language and inappropriate links/images are not welcome on this forum. If it's not safe for work, it's not safe for here. Automatic systems are in place to remove swearing and repeat instances will trigger a ban.

Today's Top 20 Posters

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DerPanzerWagen 03-October 17 268 2 20.00%
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TarenDomin Today, 02:12 AM 2 2 20.00%
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locarno 22-May 19 568 1 10.00%
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Rhys79N272 Today, 02:35 AM 1 1 10.00%
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ttg4l 08-December 18 758 1 10.00%
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northpole 26-November 12 9589 1 10.00%
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marshole82 17-July 07 278 1 10.00%
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dubboy2707 04-December 14 5 1 10.00% is an independent Volkswagen enthusiast website owned and operated by VerticalScope Inc. Content on is generated by its users. is not in any way affiliated with Volkswagen AG.