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Posted 11 April 2003 - 10:33 AM

Ok guys,i am so not a happy bunny, car has been in under extended warranty 3 times for the same thing, twice they said the was nothing wrong!![V] The third time they admitted to me they could hear a knocking noise coming from the gearbox, when the clutch was pressed the knocking noise went away!! "Clutch Release bearing," they said, this has been changed but still the noise can be heard!! ARGH!! We will have to have it back in!!

Any IDEAS what it may be, ???????

Oh!! and on the way home i thought i put the old stereo on listen to some tunes, only to find the stereo was in safe mode!!! ARGH!!! So once home stuck in the code, all the settings seem to be ok, BUT!!! Button 5 Did not work and has never worked!!! Got on the phone to VW and asked out of the kindness of there hearts had they changed the stereo for me, they said NO!! Umm so whats going on Here!!! Ho do i know its the same stereo that i went in to VW with and why would they want to swap it, are the Gamma Stereos in the 1999 Golfs 1.8T any better than any other model. So have they changed it and thought i would not notice or am i just being paranoid!!!


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