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Car at dealer for clutch problems

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Posted 11 June 2003 - 05:46 AM


My 2002 '51' 1.8T 28k miles is off into the dealer on Monday for cold start and clutch problems.

The cold start problem can't be found, but usually an ECU reset and reprogram cures it for a while.

However the clutch has started juddering, and the bite point is moving higher up the pedal. I'm always very careful on the clutch after all the horror stories and never gun it from standstill and use the handbrake not the clutch to hold the car.

Also the car is always difficult to engage 1st/reverse from a standstill, reverse needing 3 or 4 attempts sometimes to go in.

Dealer wanted the car for 1 day when I mentioned the cold start, then increased that to 3 days when I also mentioned the clutch! What will they do. Cars under warranty, and I have already had the clutch master cyclinder replaced for a sticky pedal.

Is it worth mentioning the stuff about dealers replacing clutches with audi TT items? Will they just replace it under warranty or tell me to pay as its wear and tear? Surely clutch judder is a fault rather than wear and tear?

Any help appreciated.

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Posted 01 July 2003 - 08:15 AM

Hi apjames

Mine has gone in for a clutch problem today where from since I've had it in december the clutch pedal has been excessivly stiff. Today they finally accepted it in to sort. They took the clutch out and called me to say it fell apart when they took it out and it wouldn't be under warranty.

I said well hang on, I've been asking for this to be looked at for 6 months and you've only just got round to it, how is that not warranty. I said this when it was booked in and it was agreed it would be under warranty so matey has gone off to investigate....I am now waiting for a response.

If i knew they wouldn't sort it I would have had a lightened flywheel and performance clutch sorted out ready. But the fact it's warranty and they took it out and it fell apart I now can't drive it to a.n. other to get a performance one sorted.

My argument will be that (aside from them previously agreeing to do it on warranty) that i gave them a car that worked...it doesn't now.

stealers. grrrrrr

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