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2001 V6 4 Motion

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Posted 04 December 2019 - 11:16 AM

thanks for the heads up  :Y:


some updates on the Golf 


New wheels and tyres fitted 




Centre caps for the wheels; 



My wife had arranged a weekend away to Portmerion for me so I was keen to get my TT parts fitted and headunit for the nav (was all a bit of a rush so no pics unfortunately) 


Hands free mic in the dome light;



Fitting USB port in centre console;



With all new bushes, bearings track rods etc the car feels much tighter now, was a bit non plus on the TT parts to begin with I was expecting the car to feel much more direct with more feelsome steering but it felt broadly similar to before, however after the drive down I was really impressed, the car turns in so much better and you have much more confidence when cornering. 


It definitely feels stiffer now the drive confirmed my plan to stick with the small wheels, I think on larger wheels my car would be quite unpleasant to drive on the poorly surfaced A/ B roads we travelled on.
Pleased with the head unit, navigation worked great all the way down and it was nice to have the steering wheel controls working, 
On our way down, roads were ace quiet too;
Parked up;
Betws-Y-Coed on way back 
Back Home;
Really enjoyed the trip car ran great, one thing I did notice was the amount of interior rattles and squeaks the car has i'd really like to reduce these as much as possible.  

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Posted 04 December 2019 - 12:43 PM

have you had chance to use the hands free yet? I fitted my mic in that position and its pretty much useless. don't really want to change it though because its a nice hidden oem place!

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Posted 04 December 2019 - 12:50 PM

yes used it a few times and it works well, even siri works for dictating messages etc, not sure if it helps but my car has standard exhaust and air box so it's pretty quiet when driving

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Posted 04 December 2019 - 02:04 PM

Good thread. Good to see some love for Mk4's is still about.

2005 2.0 GT TDi

2002 1.8T AUM - Currently off the road with front geometry issues.

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Posted 31 December 2019 - 04:48 PM







As previously mentioned I'd like to repaint the callipers silver in the past I've always pained them in situ but I thought i'd try my hand at doing them off the car at the same time as rebuilding them with new seals and pistons. As I need the car everyday I can't afford to have it off the road whilst I do this so I purchased a second set of callipers and carriers to refurbish at my leisure, found a local place which offers vapour blasting so that will be the first step, I've also purchased some attachments for my Dremel and a finger sander to hopefully smooth out the castings to give me the glossiest possible finish. 






Not sure about the rears just yet, 2 new callipers are not much more than you see them for sale 2nd hand and thats before you factor in the rebuild kit and handbrake mech.


With the front of the car rebushed I thought it would be a good idea to do the rear, picked the bits up below off a breaker TT to have blasted and powdercoated, just need to source the rear trailing arms first.




Slight issue I have is that the 4 rear arms are the same length, I was hoping to get the earlier set up which has the 2 top ones slightly shorter to give increased rear camber, don't really fancy adjustable ones wondering if it would be worthwhile trying to source the shorter ones or would the difference in handling be negligible? 


When fitting my stereo recently I noticed a broken tab in the passenger footwell. As my car has the grey interior the centre console is NLA (the black is still available for £90 IIRC). I decided to source a 2nd hand replacement and this proved quite tricky, most for sale have either broken tabs or peeling grey finish, got one in the end not perfect but crucially all tabs in place, it also has the benefit of not being split on the upper joint (i'm planning to strengthen this with some Sikaflex prior to fitting)




Thats one issue I have with the MK4 as the plastic trim is mostly push fitting it becomes quite brittle over 20 years so is prone to snapping on removal / fitting, small interior jobs often result in having to source 2nd hand bits of trim at great effort and cost, does make me wonder what owners in the future will do to get around this.

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Posted 22 February 2020 - 08:23 PM

Few small updates;


Tried out my new finger sander on the carriers, this is after about ten minutes so still a way to go, very impressed with the tool makes light work of the corrosion. Looking at the carriers I should have waited for some better condition ones as these are really rusty think I'll end up loosing the VAG stamping on them which is a shame.




Pic of the callipers currently for future ref 





Some new parts arrived also, 


Trailing arm (x2)




High carbon Brembo 312 Discs, ever since ive had the car I've often felt that the front disc(s) may have had a slight warp in them, I wasn't particularly looking for cross drilled but these popped up at a good price and I like that the centre and edges have a painted finish





Engine cover mines has a crack in it, cleaned up well with APC although you'll notice the staining on the centre piece which wouldn't shift




Magic sponge to the rescue (works on the plastic inlet manifold also) 





Planning to fit it when the weather warms up with the carbonio

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Posted 21 July 2020 - 03:56 PM

Not a huge amount to update as my attention has shifted to a VR6 swap into my MK2.


I did finish and fit my front brakes, had trouble bleeding them at first so ordered a Sealey bleeder which worked well. 






Also noticed the offside rear vent was leaking water, collected a set from TPS, looks like a revised design 



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